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Miyavi : Playing Taylor guitars

[Single] THOMAS-Gekijou Manifesto[22nd December 2010]

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1.チェイン (Chain)
2.サイケデリック・モバイル (Psychedelic Mobile)
3.コールド・ディレイ (Cold Delay)


[Album] J - FOURTEEN -the best of ignitions- [26th January 2011]

Track List:
2. Feel Your Blaze
4. Gabriel
6. Lost
7. break
9. walk along
10. go crazy
11. Die for you
12. Evoke the world


DuelJewel – new single: Vamp Ash

It’s been a while since their last single release but according to brand-x, Duel Jewel will release a new maxi-single which is called [Vamp Ash] and will be released on March 16th in two different types. TYPE A comes with [Vamp Ash] PV and it costs 1575 Yen, TYPE B comes with DVD including footage from their live on October 2nd at Shibuya O-WEST.

01. Vamp Ash
02. The Greed

piko - Sakurane PV [FULL]

SOMATIC GUARDIAN : New Year comment. 2011

I-RabBits : 『未完成なあいのうた』 PV

YUI : It's My Life PV

AYABIE : Music for Upcoming film "Enishi"
credits to japannow via source: TOKYOGRAPH
The 4-member band AYABIE revealed several projects on Saturday, including an announcement that they are serving as the music directors of a movie being released during Golden Week of this year. Directed by Kiyohide Matsumura, the film is titled "Enishi" and includes all four members of AYABIE in its cast.

"Enishi" stars voice actors Kisho Taniyama and Daisuke Namikawa, actress Mao Miyaji, and AYABIE members Yumehito and KENZO. The other two members of AYABIE, Takehito and Intetsu, have guest roles.

The story revolves around various people known as "shibito," a term referring to those who have been legally declared dead after being missing for seven years. These "shibito" continue their lives in the shadows of society, each with different purposes that lead them into conflict.

AYABIE is providing the movie's theme song "Melody," which will be released on February 23 as their first single since forming as a new band. In late April, they also plan to release a soundtrack for "Enishi."

To celebrate their single, they are holding several events in record stores between February 22 and March 20. They have also scheduled several concerts in those two months.

In addition, AYABIE will release a live DVD on March 23 that contains their concert on January 6 at Akasaka BLITZ, which was the final show of their "Virgin Snow Color 2nd season" tour.

[Single] elm - Rabbit Hole [22nd December 2010]



Track List
1. Rabbit Hole
2. Forest of Mushrooms
3. R[L]ose Head Garden


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[Album] Aoi from Ayabie - One [19th January 2011]


Track List
1. Liar
2. Yuuwaku
3. Surrender Love
4. Guilty
5. Omoide ni naru mae ni
7. secret whisper
8. Everlasting Love
9. Anata e
10. Himawar


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[Album] Pay money To my Pain - Remember the name 26/01/2011

Tracklist :

12. GIFT


X JAPAN & EMI Music Agreement!!!

WOOT! This is good news for all North Americans! (including Kyle) :
X JAPAN, one of the most successful rock bands in Japanese history, and EMI Music have signed an exclusive three-year manufacturing and distribution agreement that will have EMI Label Services handle the band's releases in North America. The first release will be the track Jade on March 15th.

The X JAPAN/EMI agreement comes on the heels of X JAPAN s U.S. concert debut last August at Lollapalooza, and the band's first-ever North American tour that wrapped up on October 10 with a sold out show at New York s Roseland Ballroom.

"We are so honored to have X JAPAN as part of the EMI / CAROLINE family. After the highly successful North American tour last fall, the timing is perfect for the upcoming X JAPAN release" , says EMI s executive vice-president and general manager Mike Harris.

Added Executive Vice President EMI Music Services North America, "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with X JAPAN. They have cultivated a strong following in the U.S. and we look forward to working with them, helping to reach even more fans."

(Outside of North America, including Japan, X JAPAN s management is in the process of closing deals. )

To support the new album, X JAPAN plans to tour extensively in 2011.

SCANDAL : Sanrio... "CUTE" PV

girugamesh : Music Shelf GO Comment

Miyavi : WHAT'S MY NAME? (Instrumental Live ver.) MV

rice : 「凛」PV

Versailles - Philia [PREVIEW]

[Single] Blu-BiLLioN - colours [26th January 2011]


Track List:
01. colours
02. Communication Break


New Dancer for velvet Eden

Dada posted on his twitter that they have a new dancer who has replaced their missing Yurikago who left at the end of 2010. Her name is Ceeei and has already made an impression with fans!

The group also has a new TOKYO DARK CASTLE event on February 5th, tickets are 3,000 yen in advance – 3,500 day of. For tickets and more information email the band over here →

ex-ポワトリン(poitrine) Vo.小夜(sayo) new band will form

ex-ポワトリン(poitrine) Vo.小夜(sayo) new band will form in 2011/03, although band name and members details have not yet been announced

their new maxi single (2 TYPE) "パッパパッパラッタ~翁盤~(pappapa palata~okina-ban~)" "パッパパッパラッタ~婆盤~(pappapa palata~baaya-ban~)" will be sold in advance at ポワトリン(poitrine) one-day revival live at Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL at 2011/03/03 (3 songs each)

Pay money To my Pain : Remember the name Cover/ PV

Aoi from ayabie : GemCEREY CM

Kaya: New album

Kaya will release his new album Queen on April 20 in two types (CD, CD+DVD).

D : VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe at London O2 acad
"VAMPIRE SAGA in Europe ~ Path of the Rose ~"

05/07 Divan du Monde – Paris / France
05/08 Melkweg – Amsterdam / Netherlands
05/11 Logo – Hamburg / Germany
05/12 Firlej – Wroclow / Poland
05/14 Marche gare – Lyon / France
05/15 Feierwerk – Munich / Germany
05/17 Werkstatt – Cologne / Germany
05/19 Academy – London / UK
05/21 Toshka – Moscow / Russia
05/22 Gloria – Helsinki / Finland

[Maxi-Single] NEXX – GEMINI [4th January 2011]




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Rosalie : Disbands

Rosalie will disband after their live at Nagoya MUSIC FARM at 2011/02/04

[V.A.]Crush!-90's V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs [2011/01/26]

01 - heidi./ (hide with Spread Beaver「ピンク スパイダー」)
02 - ドレミ團/(SOPHIA「街」)
03 - BugLug/(SHAZNA「Melty Love」)
04 - NoGoD/(SIAM SHADE「1/3の純情な感情」)
05 - D/(MALICE MIZER「月下の夜想曲」)
06 - 少女-ロリヰタ-23区/(LUNA SEA「STORM」)
07 - 摩天楼オペラ/(X JAPAN「紅」)
08 - DaizyStripper/(La'cryma Christi「With-you」)
09 - 12012/(GLAY「Winter, again」)
10 - アンド/(PENICILLIN「ロマンス」)
11 - Mix Speaker’s, Inc./(CASCADE「S.O.Sロマンティック」)
13 - MERRY/(DIR EN GREY「Schweinの椅子」)
14 - DuelJewel/(BUCK-TICK「JUPITER」)
15 - DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ/(Raphael「夢より素敵な」)


Gackt : KFC lolz


As of late GACKT and his infamous band "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz" have been in the news for their astounding "crime" of stealing KFC's "Colonel Sanders".
Moreover, pictures of prove can be found on GACKT's new live DVD release titled "YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Kirameki Otokojuku Danjo Konyoku Hadaka Matsuri", which will drop in stores in February 2nd 2011.

"KFC's Colonel is like an image of my grand father, so I believe he must be part of our band just naturally."
With this simple yet "absolutely convincing" statement, GACKT had started the project, and plotted his stealing of the colonel eventually.
The success of it can eventually be seen on the DVD cover, along with more shots, including various transformations of the colonel within the booklet of the DVD package.

"YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Kirameki Otokojuku Danjo Konyoku Hadaka Matsuri THE DVD]
Release Date: 2011/02/02
[Limited Edition Ver. A]
DVD (AUDIENCE EDIT )+ microSD (STANDARD EDIT)+YFCSpecified Magnum Condom
[Price] 9,000Yen (tax in)

[Limited Edition Ver. A]
DVD (AUDIENCE EDIT) + Sticker (First Press Only)
[Price] 6,000 Yen (tax in)

[mu-mo Shop-Only Ver.]
DVD (AUDIENCE EDIT) + microSD (AUDIENCE EDIT) + European Tour Staff T-Shirt
[Price] 12,600 Yen (tax in)

Flumpool : a new dvd for 2011!

Rock band flumpool announced on their official website that they will be releasing a live DVD!

The DVD, entitled “flumpool Live at YOKOHAMA ARENA!! Special Live 2010 ‘Snowy Nights Sereade ~Kokoro Mademo Tsunagitai~’,” will contain two discs.

The first is a recording of the band’s performance at Yokohama Arena on December 25, 2010, and contains 120 minutes of footage from the event.

The second disc includes an exclusive interview and a documentary that shows the band backstage and at rehearsal for their performances at Osakajo Hall and Yokohama Arena, giving fans a sneak peek into the band members’ thoughts and feelings as the concert dates drew closer. The second disc also features special recordings of the songs “Konnen no Sakura,” “Saigo no Page,” “Harukaze,” and “Frame,” and will be guided by “music critic” Oyamada Genjirou and his puppet Oyamada-kun.

flumpool has also planned several other goodies for fans who plan to purchase the DVD. The limited edition comes with a 100-page photobook called “Special Live 2010,” while a limited number of those who pre-order the DVD at a CD shop will receive a wristband from flumpool’s fourth tour, “Fantasia of Life Stripe ~Bokutachi wa Koko ni Iru~.”

Check out the full track list of the DVD below!


Opening Movie:”Snowy Nights Serenade ~Kokoro Mademo Tsunagitai~” (Acoustic ver.)
01. reboot ~Akiramenai Toki~
02. Quville
03. Calling
04. Hills
05. Boku wa Guuzen wo Motte Iru Rashii
06. Sirens
07. Zanzou
08. Kaitenmokuba (Merry-go-round)
09. Hello
10. Mitsumete Itai
11. Time Capsule
12. Hana ni Nare
13. Snowy Nights Serenade ~Kokoro Mademo Tsunagitai~ (X’mas ver.)
14. Kimi ni Todoke
15. MW ~Dear Mr. & Mrs. Picaresque~
16. Hide Ranger
17. labo
18. Hoshi ni Negai wo
“No Fat No Life” featuring Michael Debby
19. Natsu Dive
20. two of us
21. Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~

Documentary of Special Live 2010

NICO touches the walls : new album PASSENGER!!!

Rock band NICO Touches the Walls announced on January 24th that they’ll be releasing their third album, “PASSENGER”!

It’s been more than a year since the release of their last album, “Aurora“, but during the band’s split tour with flumpool, vocalist Mitsumura Tatsuya revealed that NICO Touches the Walls would be releasing their third album shortly.

Other than specifiying that “PASSENGER” will include the band’s latest single, “Diver, few other details were given out concerning the upcoming release.

“Although the title ‘PASSENGER’ can, naturally, be translated as both ‘traveller’ and ’someone aboard some method of transportation’ (in Japanese), we intend to do it our way. So for us, it means ‘messenger,’ someone conveying ‘passion,’” said Mitsumura of the album’s title. “We’ve done so many live performances in the past year and a half… but now that we’ve got our energy and power back, we’re focusing to pour all that passionate zeal into our music. Please look forward to ‘PASSENGER’!”

NICO Touches the Walls also announced on the same day that they would be embarking on a nationwide tour titled “NICO Touches the Walls TOUR 2011 PASSENGER ~We are Passionate Messenger~” in April in order to promote their newest album. The tour will kick off on April 13th in Chiba, and includes a total of twelve performances.

MUCC'S new dvd actual tracklist + cover?!

01. 咆哮 (houkou)
02. 極彩 (gokusai)
03. サル (saru)
04. 娼婦 (shoufu)
05. 1R
06. アゲハ (ageha)
07. 梟の揺り篭 (fukurou no yurikago)
08. ファズ (fuzz)
09. 楽園 (rakuen)
10. オズ (oz)
11. 空忘れ (sorawasure)
12. Libra feat.Candle
13. ジオラマ (diorama)
14. 謡声 (utagoe)
15. 名も無き夢 (namonaki yume)
16. 蘭鋳 (ranchuu)
17. フリージア (freesia)
18. 追憶のマーメイド (tsuioku no mermaid)
19. 雨のオーケストラ (ame no orchestra)
20. 大嫌い (daikirai)

BUNNEIES's second single infos.

BUNNEIES will release their second single on February 9th which is called 「Break Point」containing 3 different tracks and it will cost 1260 Yen.

01. W.W.M
02. Break Point
03. 欲情ヒステリック(yokujou hysteric)

Heidi : gekkou showtime infos.

Remember : Heidi. will release a new single on February 2nd which is called [月光ショータイム] (gekkou showtime).

Regular Cover :

Limited Cover :

01. 月光ショータイム (gekkou showtime)
02. チェイサー (chaser) -Limited Edition only-
02. サイ (sigh) -Regular Edition only-
03. ヤサシイウタ (yasashii uta) [Remastering]
04. 月光ショータイム (gekkou showtime) [Instrumental]

[DVD] (Limited Edition only)
heidi.のそれは出来ないよ 番外編

boogieman upcoming single details.

Entitled 「Howling」it will be released on March 16th & it will cost 1575 Yen!!

01. Howling
02. コケイン (cocaine)

[Album] Girugamesh - GO [26th January 2011]

Track List
01. Opening
02. destiny
03. EXIT
06. 見えない距離
07. 再会
08. Never ending story
09. イノチノキ


Dir en Grey - LOTUS PV [FULL]

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LUNA SEA : Photo Souvenir!

LUNACY Kurofuku Gente GIG - the Holly Night -. it's a photo book.

Official photo book release from LUNA SEA featuring their performance "LUNACY Kurofuku Gentei GIG - the Holy Night -" on December 25, 2010 (from 20th anniversary world tour "REBOOT"). They performed in distinguishing costumes, makeup, and hair style used when they were the indie rock band.


FEECHE new CD (type & title not yet finalized) will be released at 2011/06/09, although details have not yet been announced

New mini-album for baddies

花少年バディーズ (Hanashonen baddies) have just released a new single which is called Buranko on January 19th and now they have already announced that they will release a new mini album which is called ‚Bonjour’ and it’s going to be on sale on March 16th in two different types.

ADAPTER。 – new album

ADAPTER。 will release a new album which is called 「音遊戯。」(Oto yuugi) on March 23th in two different types. The limited edition will cost 3150 Yen, will containing 9 tracks and comes with a photo booklet with 20 pages, the regular edition will include 10 tracks only and it will cost 2625 Yen.

For more information about the release, please stay tuned.
However, to commemorate the release, they will hold a short oneman tour:
March 27th @ Yokohama DRAGON CLUB
April 9th @ Nagoya HeartLand STUDIO
April 10th @ Osaka RUIDO
April 17th @ Shinjuku BLAZE

And do not forget about ADAPTER’s upcoming single,
which will hit the stores on February 16th!

Matenrou Opera – new DVD

Matenrou will release a new DVD which is called 「MATENROU OPERA -1214- at SHIBUYA AX」 on March 9th and it will cost 4725 Yen, containing 17 tracks from their last indie oneman.

01. 忘却セルロイド (boukyaku celluloid)
02. Twilight Parade
04. EVE
05. Sexual Entrapment
06. Plastic Cell
07. sara
08. 眠れる夜 (nemureru yoru)
10. 悲哀とメランコリー (hiai to melancholy)
11. R
12. 電脳パラノイア (dennou paranoia)
13. Murder Scope
14. ダチュラ (datura)
15. Eternal Symphony
17. alkaloid showcase
As soon as we got more information for you, we will post about it here

01 - Crescent gazer
02 - Yamibana
03 - Innocent teens
04 - Tree
05 - Cloud
06 - Bastard
07 - Blue star
08 - Maimu
09 - Puzzle ring
10 - Love affair
11 - Cryptic Tokyo
12 - Focus
13 - EVE
15 - Remind Story 2 ~Hatsukoi~


[Single] Aqua Timez - Mayonaka no Orchestra [26th.Jan.2011]


Track List
01. Mayonaka no Orchestra
02. Kaze ni Fukarete
03. Full a Gain
04. Mayonaka no Orchestra [Instrumental]